Saturday, February 13, 2016

Little Boats

Row Boats and Dinghies

Paintings are on birchwood panels. All original pieces by Beth Redmond Walsh.  

Small rowboats docked in a small New England seaside town.  The air is still and quiet except for the calls of gulls and the sound of small waves lapping against the piers. Soft thumps of little boats that bump together gently on a ripple from a passing boat...





Monday, February 8, 2016

Firedance Series Acrylic on Paper

Firedance is an ongoing series of work depicting the power of life and a positive spirit to overcome, to transform, and to be strengthened by meeting life's challenges.

Firedance II

Firedance III

Firedance I

Friday, January 18, 2013

Interior Landscapes

Interior Landscapes

 These pieces are mainly oil on canvas with charcoal and graphite used in the drawing process.  
 'Embracing It All'  2012   Oil on canvas  dimensions approx. 62" x 62"  
part of the series 'Interior Landscapes'  by Beth Redmond Walsh

'Temple of Memory'  2012 Oil on canvas  dimensions approx. 62" x 62"  
part of the series 'Interior Landscapes'  by Beth Redmond Walsh

'Alone'  Oil on canvas  dimensions approx. 62" x 62"  
part of the series 'Interior Landscapes'  by Beth Redmond Walsh

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Canvas, Paint, Mixed Media Collages

Mixed media with spray paint,  recycled cloth, metallic paints, and markers on wood panel
Mixed media with spray paint, recycled cloth, metallic paints, and markers on wood panel

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boston Landscapes, Riverscapes and Seascapes

Boston Landscapes and Seascapes

Ramler Park in Boston's Back Bay, Boston Public Garden, The Charles River, Arnold Arboretum and the saltmarshes in Essex MA are just a few places that make for a very good plein air painting experience.    

 I'm still not certain precisely what it is that makes me want to do landscape painting.  Looking intently at leaves, trees,hills, marshes, the sky, clouds and being outdoors, dealing with the conditions outside and feeling a connection with the elements is so different from closing oneself indoors, in the studio where light and air, temperature and sounds are basically under my control.

It is a very different experience working in the elements, having to pay attention to the weather changing, the light, the wind as well as the view I'm actually trying to capture with paint. Once I'm there and decide on what I want to work on my focus begins to sharpen, a sense of my own presence dissolving as I get down to the business of mixing, watching, choosing what brushes will be best and dealing with shifts of light and changes of atmosphere that will affect the local colors

'Weeping Tree' Boston Public Garden  Oil on Canvas 2010

'Ramler Park' Oil on Birch panel 2012


'North Harvard Street Bridge by the Charles'  Oil on Canvas  2011

'Hog Island Essex, MA' Oil on Board 2011 (detail)

'Hog Island Essex, MA' Oil on Birch panel 2011 (detail)

'Saltmarsh Thunderheads' Oil on canvas 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturn Return

A good painting is a conversation between the artist and the work.  This can be a difficult struggle when I don't know how to respond. That sometimes does happen but it's just part of the process of painting abstract pieces.  Paintings are filled with energies. You can't avoid the sense of a 'pull' and a challenge to deal with them.  You're making this thing, laying down colors and making imagery and you may or may not have any idea what it is or what it represents. There is, however, nothing on the support that you didn't put there.  It's all really you just looking back at you.

If you feel a connection to this work I hope it inspires you, helps you see the world in a way that opens your eyes so perhaps you see something inside yourself that you were not aware of before.  That would be my gift to you through my art.
Saturn Return'The Gateless Gate'   2011 
Oil on canvas approx. 60" x 60"
 Saturn Return  'Time of Reflection'  2012 
Oil on Canvas approx. 36" x 42" 
Saturn Return: Turning and Seeing Behind  2011 Oil on Canvas  approx 36" x 42"

The Great Wall of China - Oil on Canvas 2005

A distant portion of the Great Wall glows in the sunlight as seen from a higher section of the wall. 

Beautiful light illumines the Great Wall of China 
Snaking sections of the Great Wall gather from distant hills and valleys.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paintings Inspired by Zen Calligraphy

Beth Redmond Walsh
"Only Don't Know" is probably my most unusual series because I created the method to make it which came from looking at Japanese zen calligraphy and selecting several characters to examine that I liked best. The push and pull of the marks and the characteristic shapes created by the brushes were what most interested me. I don't have any interest in learning to read or write  Japanese.  My investigation into these beautiful characters inspired me to invent several shapes of my own. I stuck with a few of them to really understand how they worked in designs, color palettes and different sized/shaped supports. And to feel what they communicate. 

"Try try try...."   Oil on Canvas  18" x 24"

"Fine as it Is"  Oil on Canvas  18" x 24"

"Vows"  Oil on Canvas  (framed)  10" x 10" approx.

"Right Livelihood"  Oil and Wax on Canvas  9" x 12"  approx. 

"Right Speech"  Oil and Wax on Canvas  10" x 10"  approx. 

"Primary Point" Oil on Canvas  10" x 10"  approx. 

"How Did We Get Here?" Oil on Canvas  12" x 12" approx. 

"Original Nature"  Oil on Canvas  12" x 12" approx. 

"Nothing Special"  Oil on Canvas  12" x 12" approx. 

"An Interview With A Zen Master" Oil on Canvas 10" x 10" approx.

"Great Question" Oil and Wax on Canvas  36" x 42" approx.

"The Terribly Noisy Silence"  Oil on Canvas  36" x 42" approx.