Sunday, May 1, 2016

Collage and Mixed Media

 These mixed media pieces may include various combinations of found objects, oil or acrylic paint, spray paint, stencils, charcoal and/or graphite on wood, paper, or canvas.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Drawings: People in Boston

Castle Island, Red Line, Green Line…

A guy who boarded the red line in Central Square

Someone looking very concerned about something…

On the redline inbound from Ashmont

People in baseball hats

Foot portrait of a redline passenger

Multiple passengers on the greenline


Castle Island - Fishing

Carol and Titus Watching Fishermen on Castle Island

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Drawings: Commuters around Boston

Drawings of Commuters in Boston…

A while ago I started making drawings of people on the Boston public transit system.  Public transit is the best place to draw people who are not the least bit interested in you and will ignore you as they maintain their private space reading, listening to music or just gazing off somewhere else daydreaming while you sketch away.  
They board the train, sit or stand somewhere and remain mostly unmoving usually for no more than a few minutes.  Soon they will get off at their stop so I have very little time to draw them.  It creates an excellent training device and has helped me to improve on my ability to quickly note down the most important features of someone's face, the way they hold their bodies, gestures, and how their clothing fits them.

Sometimes curious folks will watch over my shoulder or from the other side of the train and ask me what I'm drawing.  Often my subject happens to be their friend sitting down chatting with them while they stand nearby.  Sometimes I accidentally make someone feel uncomfortable when they notice I'm drawing them. When that happens I stop looking at them and look for another subject or just wait for someone else to settle down nearby.  Choosing people to draw can be a challenge. You don't want to weird anyone out so I have learned to be careful about how I look at people, to be sensitive to the possibility that my attention on them could be bothersome or felt.   I try to be as unobtrusive as possible. A method I learned to use for drawing is to gaze ever so briefly with the strongest possible focus so that I get a good look at the features that will best express the unique personality and mood of the subject.  This did take some practice to develop.  I choose one specific feature to focus on, something about the face that first catches my attention, and concentrate on that to get the image to last on the retina long enough so that I can put it down on the page.

In this drawing above the fellow on the greenline kept his head down while reading his book and I never actually got a chance to see his face, only a thick mop of hair with many dreads. 
This was a woman with a young boy at Broadway Station on the redline

Woman waiting in Broadway Station as a gust of wind blows her hair
A man seated on the redline looking pensive. A second face appears just below his own face. Most likely this was another commuter who boarded the train after the first fellow got off. 
Some Shoe Styles

An unfinished drawing