Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Newest Collectors! Learn Who They Are and the pieces they now have…

This year several pieces of my artwork have been acquired by prestigious Boston area non-profit organizations for their private collections.  It is through The Art Connection that each interested non-profit group is vetted and may view and select pieces of art work. The Art Connection staff provides support and professional advice on how to build collections that will fit with each organization's message, tastes, and needs.
Works of mine that have been selected through The Art Connection and the name of each of these excellent non-profit organizations doing great work in service to the community and links to their webpages may be seen below.

'Calm After A Storm'   oil on canvas by Beth Redmond Walsh
'Calm After A Storm'  by Beth Redmond Walsh; Collection of the Elder Service Plan
Harbor Health Services, Inc  Mattapan, MA  www.elderserviceplan.org

'Collisions In Proto-Space'  oil, charcoal, graphite on canvas by Beth Redmond Walsh
'Collisions in Proto-Space'  by Beth Redmond Walsh; Collection of the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Boston MA  http://www.mlri.org

'FireDance II'  Acrylic on paper by Beth Redmond Walsh
'FireDance II' by Beth Redmond Walsh; Collection of Bay Cove, Hyde Park, Residential Program www.baycove.org

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Collage and Mixed Media

Approaching the Broken
"Approaching the Broken"  by Beth Redmond Walsh
 Oil and Acrylic on canvas  
36" x 48" approx.

Broken Field
'Broken Field'   by Beth Redmond Walsh

Collaged canvas, spray paint, oil, paint marker on wood panel. 
10" x 10" approx

"Broken Earth"  by Beth Redmond Walsh 

Collaged Canvas mounted on wood panel Oil paint, Paint marker
10" x 10" approx

"Collisions in Proto Space" by Beth Redmond Walsh 
        Oil, charcoal, graphite and collage on canvas 
40" x 60" approx.


"Broken Rhythms" by Beth Redmond Walsh       

Oil, paint markers, spray paint on canvas
36" x 48" approx

Friday, February 26, 2016

More gestural drawings of commuters

Drawings of Commuters

Red line commuter


Redline Commuter

People with baseball hats

Commuter Feet

Commuters on greenline


Castle Island - Fishing

Carol and Titus watching fishermen